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Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday for the Annual Gail Easter Memorial Run to support our fundraiser for Lung Cancer Research at Van Andel Research Institute! We had 155 participants and this year we raised over $3000! Great job everyone!

Below are just the first results for both races.  More results to come!


Place Race# Time First Last Event   Place Race# Time First Last Event
1 1529 
17.51.00 Aaron Henley 5K   1 1747 
35.06.00 Lee Hanitz 10K
2 1601 
17.55.00 Evan Roycraft 5K   2 1740 
36.10.00 Brad Natelborg 10K
3 1595 
18.30.00 Morgan Posthuma 5K   3 1741 
37.43.00 Robert Brouwer 10K
4 1596 
18.51.00 David Taylor 5K   4 1720 
46.57.00 Richard Grenn 10K
5 1571 
19.55.00 Steve Taylor 5K   5 1749 
48.08.00 Jack Hoffman 10K
6 1550 
20.11.00 Amber Mango 5K   6 1722 
48.15.00 Erin Shibley 10K
7 1556 
20.22.00 William McInnis 5K   7 1742 
48.34.00 Brittni Rasche 10K
8 1533 
20.57.00 Chloe Henley 5K   8 1735 
49.02.00 Peter Hirschmann 10K
9 1588 
21.11.00 Daniel Wall 5K   9 1731 
49.04.00 Sean Murphy 10K
10 1590 
21.17.00 Jenny Murphy 5K   10 1701 
49.16.00 Andrew Kuivenhoven 10K
11 1594 
21.21.00 Janelle posthuma 5K   11 1736 
49.36.00 Ryan Taylor 10K
12 1516 
21.29.00 Colleen Duthler 5K   12 1723 
50.02.00 Alex Doubek 10K
13 1574 
21.53.00 Bethany Robinson 5K   13 1748 
51.13.00 Marty Russell 10K
14 1553 
22.11.00 Shannon Felgner 5K   14 1714 
51.38.00 Andrew Doubek 10K
15 1512 
23.38.00 Carrie Willink 5K   15 1732 
51.49.00 Guy Miller 10K
16 1535 
23.55.00 Robin Moening 5K   16 1711 
51.54.00 Mikkie Schemanski 10K
17 1537 
23.56.00 Ashley Dingess 5K   17 1743 
52.01.00 Monica Bellinger 10K
18 1603 
24.04.00 Steven Hezzard 5K   18 1745 
52.53.00 Breanna Gould 10K
19 1538 
24.11.00 Robert Behling 5K   19 1727 
52.54.00 Caitlyn Hurley 10K
20 1593 
24.39.00 Nick Dyckman 5K              
21 1573 
25.09.00 Jesse Hopkins 5K              

Pre-SOMA Members:

Also, please do not forget to SIGN UP on OrgSyn ASAP! Stuey will be discontinuing soon and to stay involved with Pre-SOMA you MUST switch over to OrgSyn. To register, please follow this link to OrgSync: https://orgsync.com/login/grand-valley-state-university

Our Kaplan Scholarship Virtual Auction is now closed! Thank you to everyone who bid! Our highest bid was $1,800.



Past Events and Information:

Christopher Reece presented the Military Scholarship option (HPSP) for Medical School.

A HUGE Thank You to MSUCOM for hosting a fabulous Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Clinic! We asked every question imaginable and learned FOUR great (and safe) manipulations we can now use on our friends!  If you are interested, here is MSUCOM's Power Point.

Thank you to Dr. Lemke, D.O. for sharing his wisdom with us! I hope everyone got to ask all of their questions. If you would like to shadow Dr. Lemke, D.O., please contact his office at: 616.895.2000

If you would like an extra copy of our 4 Year Undergraduate Planning Worksheets please email presoma@mail.gvsu.edu.

Thank you to Nate Fitton OMS IV from MSUCOM for delivering such a great speech and giving us such great information! Please CLICK HERE to view his power point.

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4. Click "All Organizations"
5. Scroll down to find "Pre-Students of Osteopathic Medicine Association"
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What is Pre-SOMA?  

GVSU Pre-Students of Osteopathic Medicine Association, Pre-SOMA, is Grand Valley State University's chapter of the national pre-professional student organization.  We are a group of students interested in practicing osteopathic medicine in the local community.  We meet bi-weekly on the Grand Valley Allendale Campus during which we speak about up-coming events, plan new events, host MCAT preparation sessions, host practicing Osteopathic Doctors, discuss volunteering and job shadowing opportunities, and bond over our similar interests. 

As a group we engage in community enriching activities such as volunteering on campus and/or volunteering in the greater Grand Rapids area.For example, some of our members volunteer at the Grand Rapids Public Museum’s "Bodies Revealed" Exhibit.  The volunteers enrich the experience of the exhibition for the public.  In addition, the group is supporting another GVSU Pre-Professional organization by joining their Relay for Life Team this year.

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What is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine? 

Two types of doctors practice in today's hospitals and clinics, first is the standard Medical Doctor, or M.D., and second is the newer Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, or D.O..  Both are fully licenced physicians practicing preventative medicine by prescribing medications and/or performing surgery. Both physicians attain a bachelor's degree, attend four years of medical school, and then complete three to five years of residency.

The physicians differ in that Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine undergo additional training for manipulation of the musculoskeleton system.  Therefore, a D.O. tends to pursue a career in primary care (family practice, pediatrics, OB-GYN, etc.) and an M.D. would be more likely to pursue a career in research and/or surgery., and other content



Past News:

The Gail Easter Memorial Run was a great success on Saturday, April 14, 2012! This year we had 2 more new and exciting options for runners and walkers. Pre-SOMA decided to offer 3 paths (listed below in decreasing difficulty): The Treacherous Ten, The Fast Five, The Moseying Mile. This event was bigger and better than last year! Thank you to everyone who came out and helped us raise almost $3,000 for Lung Cancer Research at the Van Andel Research Institute!